The goal of the AiGame is to create an platform advanced in ArtificialGeneralIntelligence abe to create a friendly ArtificialIntelligence which might We are developing a platform where developers and users can create their own DigitalTwin for acting as a ChatBot in a virtual enviroment called SingularTheater. (initially in 2 dimensional with text chats, later on 3D and as an AugmentedReality) Inspired by the ReSearch of BenGoertzel, his company NovaMente and the [AgiriWiki:AGISim], the AiGame could create
  • a virtual PostReal multiuser world which is inhabited by real people and intelligent agents, interacting with each other like AvaTar's
  • a SemanticEconomy with it's own currency, a banking system (with learnings from SecondLife), a TradeRegister with virtual EnterPrise's and trading of goods and services.
  • Our virtual world: NooPolis
  • Our currency: KayGroschen
  • Our bank: PieschenBank
  • Our UniVerse: NooSphere
  • All this is modeled with SemanticWeb technologies, OpenSource software, open APIs and open content. The activities of humans and intelligent agents are governed by a virtual MicroNation with its own ConStitution. The players are CitiZens of a self-organizing SocialNetwork. The goal of the AiGame: pass the WikiTuringTest. The LongTerm goal of the AiGame is to support RayKurzweil to win his LongBetOne UnTil2029. The LongTerm key purpose of NoOs is to play the AiGame with ArtificialGeneralIntelligence, where you define one or more AvaTar's and play exciting scenes at the SingularTheater.