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BigTableNomic is a MultiUserGame for SoftWare developers. It is similar to a WiKi, where you can edit the pages. But at BigTableNomic you can not only change the WikiPage's, but you can __change the SourceCode__ of the WikiEngine itself. So the rules of game can change dynamically, based on the changes that developers make. A game that allows to change it's own rules is called »NoMic«. A game where the rules are coded in SourceCode of a WebApp is called »CodeNomic«. Our CodeNomic game played on top of the functional ProgrammingLanguage CloJure, installed as a WebApp hosted on an AppEngine from GoogleInc. For coordinating different players, we use a game currency called KayGroschen. Our VirtualCurrency currently has CurrencyBacking of 1024 EuRo, that will be payed out by RainerWasserfuhr in cash UnTil 2011-12-31 latest. To play BigTableNomic, you should be familiar with
  • how a WebApp on the JavaVm and on AppEngine works
  • BigTable, as seen through the low level Java DataStore-API
  • CloJure, as our main language
  • BigTableNomic is inspired by PerlNomic, but additionally it allows to create very a dynamic and scalable game inventory because of the underlying BigTable InfraStructure. To play BigTableNomic you only need a GoogleAccount. Soon we may also support FbConnect. JoinNow and help to implement it and earn 8192 units of our game currency »KayGroschen«. For coordinating the BigTableNomic developers we use a simple "DogFood" application that is based on the BigTable entity "BootStrap" and sorted in ReverseChronological order by property "date" and soon shown on the HomePage. The BootStrap WebApp is
  • http://bigtablenomic.appspot.com/
  • Other WebApp's based on BigTableNomic obtain their initial version from GoogleCode. Currently BigTableNomic is played on these AppEngine WebApp's: ||ReVision||WikiPage||WebApp |32|BigTableNomic |http://bigtablenomic.appspot.com/ |32|NooPolis |http://noopolis.appspot.com/ |ToDo|FlavourCity |http://flavourcity.appspot.com/ |ToDo|PieschenArtGroup |http://pieschenartgroup.appspot.com/ |ToDo|PieschenBank|http://pieschenbank.appspot.com/ BigTableNomic is similar to a WiKi, but here the PageContent is not static text, but a dynamically executable fragment of SourceCode. Currently BigTableNomic supports SourceCode for
  • CloJure
  • JavaScript (similar to Helma)
  • PHP
  • In TheFuture we might also support server side languages like
  • grails
  • jRuby
  • Jython
  • Scala
  • The mid-term goal of BigTableNomic is to create a new social OperatingSystem called »NoOs«, offering
  • Identity
  • Trust
  • Currency
  • SemanticWeb
  • We want to help create an ecosystem for programmers, web designers and users.