EpIsOde: MartinRoell, MartinTest, ConText, ProBlem, WebLog, FlickEr, BookMark, DelIcioUs, DigitalTwin, AutHent, GeHirn, PerCeive, FeedBack, TheMatrix, MrSmith, MoegLich, NotIfButWhen, UnTil, RayKurzweil, ExPo, MikeTreder, NaNo via MiTp Let's assume a scenario where we will have technology to perfectly copy our entire brain. [This|] might give us an idea. Let's call it GoogleMind. Let's further assume tremendous ProGress in neurosciences. We will be able to understand the entire causality of our ConScious'ness: Whenever we think of »HalleBerry«, we will know her neural correlates in our MiNd. We will even be able to change the color of her swimsuit in DieAnotherDay: Yes: It was blue. And you always only saw her with a blue swimsuit.