The DresdenFutureGroup is an informal ThinkTank founded in 2008 in the CityOfDresden. The goal of the DresdenFutureGroup is to elaborate a detailed landscape of the future CityOfDresden. We do not only want to consume fastfood-futurism a la MatthiasHorx, but produce hard-core scenarios and probabilities for our possible futures. We operate strictly TransParent'ly: Our invitations, guest lists, meeting notes (TotalRecall's) and the FutureWiki will be public and published under GnuFdl. The group was founded by RainerWasserfuhr and therefore seeks for WorldDominance until the end of the TwentyFirstCentury. The philosophy of the group is that of EinfachMachen: We do not only want be effective by talking, but by a mixture of OffLine- and OnLine activities, giving the group a permanent TelePresence. The basic tool of the DresdenFutureGroup will be FutureGame's where we develop and InVent the FutureMap. Be prepared to have fun with our future! First Meeting:


  • GoogleCity
  • FreeHugs
  • GoogleFluse
  • DresdenChess
  • DerAugenblick
  • GoogleSpaceTower
  • FrozenDresden
  • DirkHilbert
  • Background

  • DresdenFutureGroupTeaser
  • The name of the group paraphrases the in-TransParent FutureGroup of the EuropeanUnion, initiated by WolfgangSchaeuble.