DidYouMean: DoOcracy?
  • We can ShutDown TotHolz-NewsPaper's since we have WebLog's.
  • We can ShutDown BookStore's since we have Amazon.
  • We can ShutDown radio stations since we have PodCast's and PieschenRadio
  • We can ShutDown cinemas and StaatsFunk since we have YouTube.
  • We might ShutDown banks since we have LindenDollar and PieschenBank
  • Under which conditions and when might it possible to ShutDown
  • currency systems,
  • banks,
  • StockMarket's,
  • parliaments and the
  • GovernMent's of CityOfDresden, FreistaatSachsen, DeutschLand, EurOpa and UnitedNations
  • and replace it with a new and better system which simply emerges by ConnectingBeautifulMinds? NotIfButWhen.