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[EtherPad:EtherCash] FrequentlyAskedQuestions
  • How does EtherCash relate to KayGroschen?
  • It is very similar in their basic ConCept's. However, NooPolis was initially based on the idea of a DemoCracy, where 90% of the GovernmentBudget were organized by majority vote (only 10% of GovernmentBudget were initially dedicated to MindBroker, where RainerWasserfuhr was the founder and initial majority ShareHolder). Instead, EtherCash is initially fully managed by the founder of EtherCash, RainerWasserfuhr.
  • How does EtherCash relate to WaveCash?
  • WaveCash was based on the idea of a community "governed" currency. During the first phase of WaveCash, it didnt unfold the dynamics necessary to BootStrap a CurrencySystem. But it may in TheFuture.
  • How does EtherCash relate to SendLove?
  • EtherCash is not backed by an "established" currency like SendLove (UsDollar), but purely virtual.