The FaceBase is the set of all known faces of a MiNd, starting from MamaZwoNull, PapaZwoNull, and up to HalleBerry and KylieMinogue. What will be the average size of the FaceBase of MindPeople? Therefore, make the following guesses:
  • go to [WikiPedia:May_28], look at "Births" and count the number of people whose face you know, for example KylieMinogue.
  • multiply this value by 365
  • Go to your favourite SocialNetwork, search for people born on May 28, and count the faces you know
  • multiply this value by 365
  • estimate the number of people whose faces you know, but not their names.
  • sum up these values and you will probably have an estimate with a ConFidence of 75%. Example: The names of MindPeople born on [WikiPedia:May_28] known by RainerWasserfuhr (and the probability that RainerWasserfuhr can tell their name when shown a picture of them): EdvardBenes (40%), IanFleming (40%), TBoneWalker (30%), HeinzKonsalik (50%), GyorgyLigeti (50%), BuelentEcevit (5%), DietrichFischerDieskau (60%), HorstFrank (70%), RudyGiuliani (60%), JohnFogerty (2%), FrankSchaetzing (40%), KylieMinogue (70%), MikeDiFelice (20%), IanCashmore (2%) Summing up these probabilities gives ~5 MindPeople for RainerWasserfuhr. So his entire FaceBase will be approximately 5*365=~1800 MindPeople covered by WikiPedia. Probably WikiPedia covers 80% of all celebrities he knows. Out of his 649 XingLe contacts he will probably recognise 500. Let's add 100 people from other SocialNetwork's and 100 people "without names", like the blind beggar living on the crossroad. Let's add his faces from his
  • School time: 250
  • University: 500
  • some dozen jobs and ProJect's he had during his life as an OpenConsult'ant. people per project: 12x50 faces
  • So the entire FaceBase of RainerWasserfuhr is 5.000 MindPeople (with a ConFidence of 75%). WasSchaetztDu: Wie gross ist Deine FaceBase? ||BuergerInnen ||FaceBase |ChristineSchlinck |50.000 |RainerWasserfuhr |5.000