According to NielsBoeing, : "Eine Suchanfrage bei Google verbraucht innerhalb von Sekundenbruchteilen so viel Strom wie eine 10-Watt-Energiesparbirne in einer halben Stunde." Each 5Wh for 1.2 billion queries (NielsBoeing) per day is 6.0E9 Wh, so 2.2E12 Wh per year. According to [DeWikiPedia:Liste_der_größten_Stromproduzenten] the UnitedStates produced 4.254 TeraWh of Electricity in the year 2006, so 4.2E15 Wh. According to EIA, the total Retail Sales and Direct Use of Electricity in 2006 [where 3,669,918,840 MWh|], so 3.6E15Wh In 2007 LoicLeMeur stated that "Google sucks 1% the US electricity": So let's assume that Loïc refers to the numbers of 2006. So GooglePower sucks 3.6E13 Wh per year. According to MartinVarsavsky, "Google is the largest consumer of electricity in the world": According to Alcoa, one of the current world market leaders in aluminium production produces 96 GigaWh [per day|], so 9.6E Wh per day is 3.5E13 Wh in the year 2006. Conclusion: LichtAus