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Some nice and useful features to be used within GoogleWave

How to make a public wave:

# Go to CONTACTS (on lower left side of screen) # "Add a new contact": public@a.gwave.com # __important__: ignore the message "User does not have a Google Wave account" - just add it anyhow (by pressing ENTER). # "Add user or group to wave": Add the group "public" # Now you can add this user to any GoogleWave you are in to make it a public one

How to ....

# [Add Twitter into a GoogleWave|http://daggle.com/add-twitter-google-wave-1424] Tip via [AbielGuerra|http://twitter.com/abielguerrav] # [Add poll into a GoogleWave|https://wave.google.com/wave/#restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252BtcYsXF7TA] and beware of [https://wave.google.com/wave/#restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252B2gs_w1gxJ.1] # [GoogleWave message notifier|https://wave.google.com/wave/#restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252BtcYsXF7TA] # [Embedding video into GoogleWave|https://wave.google.com/wave/#restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252B4IAsTHzAB] # [Translation tool inside GoogleWave|https://wave.google.com/wave/#restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252BUB_SlqZWA.2] # [Run GoogleWave inside ThunderBird|https://wave.google.com/wave/#restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252BhCgHmjfuA.1]

Some nice WaveGadget's:

  • http://code.google.com/p/wave-poll/
  • http://wave-ide.appspot.com/html.xml
  • http://code.google.com/p/wave-dice-robot/
  • wikifier@appspot.com
  • http://sokoban-server.appspot.com/com.example.simplegadget.client.SokobanGadget.gadget.xml
  • Did you ever?

  • have a GoogleWave SandBox account
  • have a GoogleWave PreView account
  • LogIn to GoogleWave
  • create a Wave
  • create a public Wave
  • make a Poll
  • add a Gadget
  • add a WaveBot
  • create a public GoogleWave
  • send DeepLink's to a GoogleWave
  • know good WaveBot's
  • tag Wave's
  • get free invitations
  • invite others
  • pay with WaveCash
  • organize an event
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