MindBroker is a VirtualEnterprise, which operates mainly WikiBased. Our Wiki, the MindWiki, is the focus of our work. Our main project is NooPolis, a complex WikiBased simulation of a MicroNation with a VirtualEconomy. You can JoinNow. We consider our coworkers, customers and suppliers as CitiZens of the MicroNation NooPolis. Each of them receives an invitation for a MindId with a LogIn which allows them to freely edit the MindWiki.
  • Whoever works with us: MitWirkende
  • When to do something specific: Appointments, meetings, conferences, MindEvent's: WikiLender
  • Where to go: The RoadMap
  • What to do: DoIt
  • What to do repeatedly: ReDo
  • When to do something latest: DeadLine
  • writing SourceCode with WikiDrivenDevelopment