Mission of LockSchuppen

  • Making Dresden the leading city for the interconnectivity of hightech, singularity, and social innovation in the coming two years till 2012
  • Creating the living connecting hub for the social entrepreneurship that connects technology and the SocialField to create a better WorLd
  • Driven by the vision of the TechnologicalSingularity (based at the __FutureLab2056__)
  • Supported by the __SingularAcademy__ where you can learn with others how to adapt to the TimeToCome
  • Support CoLlaboration amongst EntrePreneur's and CitiZens in the CityOfDresden
  • provide ActiveHelp to put innovative BusinessModel's into action
  • our CoreValues
  • Create and nuture the economics foundation for the CityOfDresden to be inspired by its __entrepreneurial__ power
  • Providing the __CoWorkingSpace__ for people to live up to their personal capabilities and strengths while running their own businesses