''Das LockOffice war der erste Interim-Office der LockSchuppenAg auf der LouisenStrasse in der NeuStadt der StadtDresden (LockOfficeAnfahrt) von 2009-11 bis 2010-04.'' The LockOffice was the first interim office of LockSchuppenAg at LouisenStrasse in the NeuStadt of the CityOfDresden from 2009-11 to 2010-04. The LockOffice was a connecting hub, where EntrePreneur's, DeSign'ers, ProGram'mers, ReSearch'er, Politicians and other people interested in collaborative ways of working have meet for dozens of LockSession's. At the ZukunftsRaum we operated a first FutureLab2056 showcase where we developed LongTerm scenarios for the TwentyFirstCentury, which were a StartingPoint of the SingularAcademy. Our ~25 sqm LockAgora was a facility for WorkShop's and CoLearning (web and IT tools making collaborative work more effective and relaxing). We also offered an experimental CoWorkingSpace for EntrePreneur's and FreeLancer. |ZukunftsRaum |WikiWall <>

|[*|http://www.flickr.com/photos/ralflippold/4389204821/]|[*|http://www.flickr.com/photos/ralflippold/4373546925/] FloorPlan: |AdvocataDiaboli|ZukunftsRaum |LockCorridor |LockBadrum |LockAgora |LockKitchen ---- WiFi InterNet SpeedTest at the LockOffice: Download: 2.8 Mbit/s - Upload 1.4 Mbit/s - Ping 59 ms - Connections: 1628