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The LockSchuppen is an AmbItio'us ProJect of the LockSchuppenAg to create a leading ThinkAndDoTank in the CityOfDresden about new ways of CoWorking CoLiving and CoResearch towards TheSingularity in this currently unused RoundHouse. <>

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Current place of operation: WorldWideWeb

__Overview__ of the ProJect:

  • [LockSchuppen3D|http://twitter.com/rainer/status/10994536773]
  • CoWorkingPlace's
  • __BusinessPlan__
  • LockFutureSax, LockFutureSax2010
  • LockPresentation
  • HotLink's: LockSchuppenVision LockSession LockBrainWiki LockAction (ongoing activities bringing LockSchuppen into existence), LockBibo
  • <>


    Our RoadMap:

    LockPhase 0 (started late March 2009)

  • Team building, ConCept'ual Planning, first BusinessPlan, interim LockOffice of of appr. 16 sqm
  • founded the LockSchuppenAg
  • regular LockSchuppenTalk's
  • regular OpenCoffeeClubDresden
  • presentations about AcceleratingChange ArtificialIntelligence and TheSingularity with over 300 attendees in total
  • UpDate: per 2009-12-15 we have moved into LockOffice (closed by 2010-04-30!) moving into CoOrpheum

    LockPhase 1 (April 2010)

  • A first LockContactOffice of appr. 32 sqm inside the LockSchuppen
  • LockPhase 2 (Autumn 2010)

  • creating an Hackspace/incubator for coming technology and space for technology education and OneOnOne teaching.
  • appr. 128 sqm on the ground floor of LockSchuppen with an exemplary demonstration of the proposed final design with elegant interior design.
  • a SingularLightHouse with a glowing red SingularityIsNear-MindBanner
  • LockPhase 3 (2011)

  • appr. 2048 sqm of the entire area with:
  • a CoWorkingSpace for about 256 people
  • an interactive MuseumOfTheTwentyFirstCentury
  • a permanent HomeStead for the SingularAcademy as a ThinkAndDoTank
  • an elegant restaurant with a canteen and PieschenJamie as a celebrity chef
  • a MindHotel with shelter for 32 PerSon's
  • (see all LockPhases)