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Dear ***, This is the first NewsLetter to the CitiZens of NooPolis. As end of April we were 64 CitiZens. The PieschenBank has opened it's doors. The account balance of your BankAccount is *** KayGroschen (see http://bank.mindbroker.de/) Until 2008-05-31 we had the CabiNetElection of the first NooPolis CabiNet was held. ChristineSchlinck, HeikeRibke and JanBoehme are now MinisTer of NooPolis. We have created a FutureMap. It is a card game which is played with real cards. Create your own FutureCard's or negotiate with other CitiZens. We want to create the first StartUp's:
  • LockSchuppenAg: a portal for education and science
  • There is a first PredictionMarket where you can soon trade shares for the candidates of the SachsenWahl09 and BundestagsWahl09. More markets where you can trade EnterPrise's of the TradeRegister will follow soon. We have started to translate the ConStitution of NooPolis to other WorldLanguages. An initial overview of the current status is available at »TranslateTheConstitution« Please let us know if you know someone who wants to help with the translation. HeikeRibke has worked on the DueckWiki, a wiki for the works of GunterDueck. (GunterDueck has launched BluePedia for EiBiEm.) Heike is looking for additional contributors. On xx.xx. the first ConsultationHour takes place where CitiZens and guests are invited to discuss the further development of NooPolis. From now on this NewsLetter will be sent to all CitiZens once a month. You can find an online version of the newsletter also at http://mindbroker.de/wiki/NewsLetter Best regards, RainerWasserfuhr