First MindBroker was a software company situated in the CityOfDresden. It was founded as MindBrokerKg in 1999 and supported by the german ministry of education and scienes. Founders were RainerWasserfuhr and YvonneSchubert. At the CeBit 2001 we launched a stock exchange game with two stock markets. The first one was a list of well known german politicians, the second market were the five established parties in Germany. By registering at the website the users received a virtual fortune. Every user could invest his fortune in the shares of both markets. By buying and selling a trend chart emerged for every share. We encouraged the players by donating a gift to the best player. With this prototype we talked to many dozen mediapartners and realized the project together with ForStudentsAg, the leading german student-portal at this time. Since 2002 only RainerWasserfuhr worked for MindBroker by performing a new consulting business. In this time YvonneSchubert finished her studies of german language, german literature and philosophy. RainerWasserfuhr implemented software for SiemensDematic, AdiDas, DeutschePost, TeSystems, ComBots, DeutschePost again and RolandBergerSc. With most of these projects successfully with six-digit turnover in 2006. Before we were busy to realize several projects in different teams. One of them was a VertikalPortal for individual sport and sportclubs, their teams and members: SportPortal. Since 2007 MindBroker is the EnterPrise which develops the SourceCode and maintains the SocialGrid for NooPolis. Since 2009 we started to look for a BricksAndMortar home for NooPolis and discovered LockSchuppen. As an intermediate step we opened a first branch of PieschenBank at CoOrpheum.