PersonalWikiWall 4x4 WikiWall with personal ConNect'ions to PerSon's, ConCept's or ideas # LogIn to MindWiki # Edit / Bearbeiten # Copy / Kopieren (the following 4 lines as they are below): |xxx |xxx |xxx |xxx |xxx |xxx |xxx |xxx |xxx |xxx ||YourName|xxx |xxx |xxx |xxx |xxx # Create new page YourNameWikiWall (that will be created by yourself) # Paste the above 4 lines # Change "YourName" # Fill in the table with the remaining 15 names # save and check RedVsBlue links # wait UnTil a WikiAngel will start to ConNect the red ones ;) MyWikiWall:
  • EliasMorgensternWikiWall
  • MandyHelasWikiWall
  • MarkusStammWikiWall
  • PhilippeGreierWikiWall
  • RalfLippoldWikiWall
  • RainerWasserfuhrWikiWall
  • SoerenRogollWikiWall