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DcTitle: SemanticMind - A SemanticWeb based personal LifeWiki on the long road towards WholeBrainEmulation ;)

The SemanticMind will be a SemanticWeb based Model of the personal KnowLedge of RainerWasserfuhr. It consists of concrete entities like places, books, ideas, PerSon's or general ConCept's like »NeuralCorrelatesOfConsciousness«. It is created from a public LifeWiki started end of 2006 that grew to a PageCount of over 10.000 WikiPage's UnTil january 2010. This MindPaper describes how the data is created, maintained, embedded into LinkedData and possible applications for the TimeToCome.

A SemanticWiki

The ConTent is created and maintained by a slightly modified JspWiki. Each ReSource is first created as a WikiPage. The PageIndex of all WikiPage's is the base for all DeFin'ed ReSource's. Each WikiPage can be hooked into an OntoLogy via MindProps. 40% of the WikiPage's are sorted into a lightweight OntoLogy with a "SubClassOf"-depth of 1 to 5 levels.

The data

The RdF will soon be available as
  • MindN3
  • MindRdf
  • This paper gives an introduction to the SemanticMind project, which is a long term approach to apply SemanticWeb technologies for modelling the knowledge of a single human brain and mind.


    Cognitive sciences are going to become a dominant role in the coming decades. The BlueBrain by HenryMarkram EtAl estimates to have a functional simulation of the physiological processes in the human brain until 2019 [*|]. Capturing the ConTent of a single human brain is a ComPlex and ambitious endeavour, whose just activities started and strongly depend on technologies availiable and the NearerstFuture. WilliamSimsBainbridge developed questionnaires for "PersonalityCapture" [*|]. According to RayKurzweil, the resolution of brain scanning technologies seems to be advancing at an exponential rate. But a working model of a real human, which is capable to to serve as a simulation in VirtualReality settings, should be in the reach during the next 15 to 25 years. A special focus of the ProJect in the first phases is on capturing the KnowLedge about PerSon's. A good portion of this can nowadays be done by evaluating and restructuring the data in MailBox'es FaceBook, TwittEr etc. The ReSearch in this domain is influenced by the PriVat'eness of affected PerSon's. Therefore the has a so called GiftSchrank (GermanLanguage for poison cabinet). So to create the world famous people of CommonSense KwowLedge (like JesusChrist, BarackObama or KarlMarx) down to the friendly salesgirl without a name in the bakery next door. Mapping RdF triples to neurons. The SemanticMind projects aims at the description SemanticMind started 2007. Other related approaches:
  • JerryMichalski maintains a public based on the SoftWare TheBrain.
  • BillSeitz with his WikiLog
  • (February 2010) PageCount of 10666 WikiPage's. The averary number of edits ranges from 1 to almost 500 ReVision's per WikiPage. For example, the taxonomy of apples inside WikiPedia is:
  • Malus
  • Category:Maleae
  • Category:Maloideae
  • Category:Rosaceae
  • Category:Rosales
  • Category:Rosids
  • Category:Core_eudicots
  • Category:Eudicots
  • Category:Angiosperms
  • Category:Plants
  • Category:Eukaryotes
  • Category:Organisms
  • Except maybe Plants, Eukaryotes and Organisms, neither of these terms is contained in the TreasuryOfWords of a PerSon with average academic education, except she is specializid in the field of systematic biology. This might be a, but does not represent the that are necessary to reason about apples in everyday life. As of january 2010, 88 other PerSon's have editing permissions for the MindWiki. In this sense, the MindWiki functions like WikiBased InBox

    The cognitive graph

    The metaphor of mathematical graph has achieved some popularization . SocialGraph for describing the relationship and across SocialNetwork's. In TimBernersLee coined the concept of the GiantGlobalGraph as an anticipation of the emerging InternetOfThings. Brain with it's 100 billion neurons and on average 1000 synaptical connections. CognitiveGraph. In the SemanticMind project, the Thinking as graph Anticipating future technological progress in The SemanticMind as LinkedData Changing the social environment towards cognitive. DelicioUs The RdF itself is generated as NotationThree via CloJure code inside the MindWiki: RdfClj


    One of the InterWiki-links to WikiPedia and LifeWiki's WikiWikiWeb of WardCunningham or CommunityWiki. Since 2009 many PerSon's working as ReSearch'ers in ComputerScience also obtained DeepLink's to DbLp. The raw ConTent of the MindWiki is also available for DownLoad as MindZip.

    From a PersonalWiki to a GroupWiki

    We opened up the MindWiki for additional users by invitation. The MindWiki has a strict RealName policy to ensure a high data quality and a UniqueNameAssumption. This means that each for ReSource of the PageIndex we can issue a OwL-DifferentFrom assurance.

    From a GroupWiki to an EnterpriseWiki

    In March 2009 RainerWasserfuhr teamed up with RalfLippold to apply SemanticWiki technology for a new StartUp called LockSchuppenAg. The LockSchuppen is an AmbItio'us ProJect to renovate a former RoundHouse in the CityOfDresden and create a ThinkAndDoTank about new ways of CoWorking and CoLiving towards TheSingularity. The entire StartUp phase of LockSchuppenAg was managed by the MindWiki, including the ConTract of the ShareHolder's and the LockSchuppenBusinessPlan.

    From an EnterpriseWiki to a OpenSocialNetwork

    ToDo ToDo: More Chapters: TransparentMan UnitedSemanticNations WorldDominance