This is a little story for BarryPtolemy, the maker of the Film TranscendentMan: Soon after the MauerFall, a smart ProFessor called KurtBiedenkopf came from West-DeutschLand to the FreistaatSachsen and became PrimeMinister of this BundesLand. He noticed all the smart MiNd's among his CitiZens and proposed that they could do MicroElectronics. He called it SiliconSaxony and for many years he advocated his "LightHouse"-strategy in order to concentrate the MicroElectronics industry in the CityOfDresden. One day, after visiting IkeaDresden, KurtBiedenkopf lost his AmbItio'ns to reign SiliconSaxony and retired to his villa in the nearby city of RadeBeul, where he is now living in his cheap IkEa furniture and ProBab'ly writing his AutoBiografie. In the beginning of 2009, RainerWasserfuhr visited an old friend at QiMonda, which was one of the LightHouse ProJect's. With once 13,000 employees and one of the most advanced. The friend showed him the CuttingEdge DDR3-RAM chips. However, it was one last days for QiMonda: most of them lost their jobs. In the summer of 2008, RainerWasserfuhr followed the media coverage of the SingularitySummit2008. On other side of the AtlanticOcean he noticed almost 1-2 "#ss08"-tweets per minute. However, the resonance in the german and european TwittEr-sphere was almost inexistant (except SiggiBecker). This surprised RainerWasserfuhr quite a lot: All those smart people around him, who actually __did__ the work that made MooresLaw possible for many years now, had no time to look a little bit further into the future. Not knowing or ignoring long term trends with both tremendous opportunities like ImMortal'ity or ExPo'nential IntelligenceAugmentation and ExistentialRisk's like un-FriendlyAi. Fortunately, in RalfLippold and RainerWasserfuhr met and decided to turn around the wheel in the CityOfDresden. By ZuFall, RalfLippold found a BeautiFul former RoundHouse in the CityOfDresden, that was unused for many years now: <>

They thought that this LockSchuppen could be the prefect place to host a ThinkTank for TheSingularity. They watched TranscendentMan. They thought about the beautiful RundKino. <>

You can even follow it on [TwittEr:Rundkino]. We propose to BarryPtolemy to
  • celebrate the premiere of TranscendentMan in the CityOfDresden, even better in SingularSaxony, DeutschLand, or EurOpa
  • to VisitTheLockSchuppen and to
  • bring with him RayKurzweil to let him give the KeyNote to the SingularSummitEurope.
  • We will ReCommend it to our friends ;)