It does not matter where you are as long as you have a MindWiki, TwittEr, a MindChat and a StaatsFunk like PieschenTv Aspects of TelePresence:
  • Connectivity: You need InterNet connectivity
  • Travelling: no more.
  • Office space: shrinked to zero. You can work from your BettQuarters, your WikiTchen or your NichtRaucherBalkon
  • Odor: You can't smell other people. This may be an advantage or disadvantage
  • Health: Your team becomes resistant to pandemics like NoRo
  • Learning: If you grew up in a non-TelePresence culture you have to learn to master TelePresence tools.
  • Tools:
  • WorldWideWeb
  • SkyPe
  • SeesMic
  • FlickEr
  • TwittEr