For CitiZens of NooPolis, PieschenBank will soon start a PredictionMarket for the UsElection08:

The shares:

  • BarackObama
  • JohnMcCain
  • The rules:

  • For each candidate there is a stock with 1000 Shares
  • You can invest an amount of KayGroschen into each stock.
  • They are IPO-issued by PieschenBank. You can initially buy them for 50 KayGroschen per share. (JoinNow to obtain a BankAccount with WelcomeMoney)
  • You can trade your shares with other CitiZens.
  • The sum of all shares sold by PieschenBank is payed to the ShareHolder's of the winning candidate.
  • The shares of the winner of the UsElection08 will be bought back by PieschenBank for 100 KayGroschen per share after being officially declared at WikiPedia.
  • The shares of the other candidates will be worthless
  • Check out soon: Former candidates:
  • BillRichardson
  • ChrisDodd
  • DennisKucinich
  • DuncanHunter
  • FredThompson
  • JoeBiden
  • JohnEdwards
  • MittRomney
  • RudolphGiuliani
  • SamBrownback
  • TomTancredo
  • MikeGravel
  • MikeHuckabee
  • AlanKeyes
  • HillaryClinton
  • RonPaul