CoinedBy: TimOReilly

What do you need for passing the WebZwoNull TÜV?:

  • install FireFox
  • create a WikiPedia account, create your user page, LogIn, find a TyPo in a regular article and fix it
  • create accounts on XingLe, FaceBook, WerKenntWen, FlickEr and each add RainerWasserfuhr to your ConTact's
  • create a TwittEr account, follow RainerWasserfuhr and tweet "@rainer: WebZwoNull ich komme!"
  • create a DelIcioUs account, install the DelIcioUs BookmarkLet and DelIfy this MindWiki page
  • create a BlogLines account, subscribe to the MindWiki RecentChanges WebFeed and publish your feeds
  • create a SeesMic account, follow RainerWasserfuhr and create an EpIsOde where you say "HelloWorld, here is PieschenTv" and read your favourite poem
  • join NooPolis
  • add each of the created accounts on your MindWiki WikiHomePage
  • make a SocialBackup